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"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

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Enlightened servant leadershipMinimize

Enlightened Servant Leadership

Blessed is the leader who has not sought the high places, but who has been drafted into leadership because of their ability and their desire
to spend themselves in the service of others.

Blessed is the leader who serves God before serving themselves.

Blessed is the leader who shares their weakness with others, who ministers to others out of their own brokenness.

Blessed is the leader who walks with those that are being led and shares their trials, their joys and their journeys.

Blessed is the leader who has their head in heaven and their feet on the ground.

Blessed is the leader who is real, vulnerable and open to question.

"I will not walk in front of you, for I do not know where I am going; I will not walk behind you because I am scared; I will walk beside you so that we share the journey together".

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