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Corruption - how it starts and endsMinimize

CORRUPTION – it is an insidious process

Let us use the metaphor of the ‘bad apple’. The ‘apple’ stands for the culture of a business or an organisation.
It starts with the whole apple being reduced, by having the “bite” put on it:

It starts with the whole apple.

Over time, as more and more ‘bites’ are taken, only the core of the apple remains:

Only the core of the apple remains.

This ‘core’ is then ripe for the final bite, where the apple ceases to be recognisable as an apple and is devoured.

Applying this process to the human situation, an individual, willingly or unwillingly, start with one corrupt act, which is followed by a series of other corrupt acts, until the committing of corrupt acts becomes the norm and the core of the individual has been corrupted. In these circumstances, the culture becomes one of “bad is the new good!!”

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